What The VP Said

by Ruth Morrison

February 24, 2010

Last week, Greenpeace launched P*Harmony, the first online match service for Polluter Lobbyists and America’s Congressmen. Huffington Post, EcoPolitology, and The New York Times’ Greenwire all picked it up.

So did Big Coal’s Public Relations Offices, trying to control and limit the story of their millions of hard-working dollars going to control our Congress and confuse the public.

Climate Criminals like Big Coal were hoping that Greenpeace’s work would end with the net. But this week Greenpeace’s Student Network brought the challenge inside their offices. Our weeklong push to confront climate criminals is targeting the biggest member corporations of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) & their greenwashing campaign, “America’s Power.”

We did some digging and came up with the direct phone numbers of people like Fred Palmer, The VP of Government Relations (aka – dirty lobbying) for Peabody Coal. The Fred Palmers of this world do their work behind closed doors and beyond the reach of traditional public scrutiny. But the Greenpeace Student Network doesn’t rely on traditional scrutiny and we’ve been calling Fred to expose, confront, and disrupt Peabody’s commitment to taxpayer-funded pollution and science-denying propaganda.

Will you join us and make the call to challenge climate criminals like Fred Palmer now? 1,000 calls to these coal giants can disrupt their influence and rattle their walls but we can’t do it without you.

1) Call Fred Palmer’s direct line. (314) 342-7624

2) Tell Mr. Palmer that Big Coal is destroying the climate and America’s clean energy economy! Here’s what you can say:

Hi Mr. Palmer, my name is ______. I am concerned about Peabody’s work to control Congress and confuse the public as part of the America’s Power campaign & the ACCCE. Your work funding misleading advertising and Washington lobbyists threatens the future of our planet and our country. I’m demanding that Peabody stop funding the “America’s Power” propaganda campaign & invest in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency today.

3) Next, ask Mr. Palmer a question. Here are some examples:

  • How much money are you paying in member dues each year to ACCCE?
  • Are you counting on my tax dollars to bankroll the false hope of clean coal?
  • Does your company believe that global warming is a crisis and what are you doing to address it now?

4) If Mr. Palmer’s line is busy, call the customer service line at 314-342-3400.

5) Then let us know you made the call by clicking the button below.

Give Fred a piece of your mind!

When we called Fred Palmer he told us that “coal is here to stay” and that “global warming is not a crisis.”

We have got to challenge this guy. Make the call now!

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