Why is a giant polar bear wandering around Washington, DC?

by Guest Blogger

April 25, 2013

I wasnt always a traveler. In fact, I preferred to stay home in the icy oasis of the Arctic surrounded by thick ice and a healthy food supply. Unfortunately, Ive had to adopt the life of a nomad, wandering outside my element searching for food and a place cold enough to call home.

In the past few years, Ive watched the Arctic melt away. It was slow at first, but its started to speed up. This past year was the worst by far. In addition to the Arctic melting before my hungry eyes, greedy oil companies like Shell are trying to come into my endangered home and drill for oil. Luckily, my home was too much for them to handle, but rumor is theyre going to try, try again.

So I decided to head south to Washington, D.C. It took me forever to finally make it here. I got a little sidetracked walking the streets of London, climbing Shell gas stations and jamming at a Radiohead concert, but I finally made it. While doing some sight-seeing (President Lincoln really was a handsome man), Im here to tell President Obama to save my home.

Not only can President Obama refuse future drill permits for all oil companies trying to drill in the Arctic, he can also address the very reason my home is melting. By leading the United States in a renewable energy revolution and reducing carbon levels by ditching oil and coal, President Obama can trigger climate change solutions.

You can join me and 650,000 others in asking President Obama to save the Arctic so I can start making my long journey home. But before I do that, Ive got a few more global leaders to visit. The whole world has to work together for Arctic protection so my weary paws have more miles to tread.

Stay tuned for more travel updates from me as I make my global tour to save the Arctic!

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