ZDNET Writer Thanks Greenpeace for Continued Work on Sustainable IT

by Kevin Grandia

May 1, 2012

Writing on the highly influential tech site ZDNET, the award winning business writer Heather Clancy highlights the work Greenpeace has been doing over the years to improve energy-efficiency in the IT sector.

Our current Clean Our Cloud campaign is asking tech giants Apple, Microsoft and Amazon to use renewable energy instead of coal to power the massive data centers used to store data, including most people’s music, videos and photos. In fact, these data centers are one of the largest sources of new electriticty consumption in the world, so it is important for our health and the environment that these centers use clean power sources.

Clancy writes:

“As Ive reported several times in the past few months, one of the environmental organizations latest crusades is the generation sources behind the data centers powering huge cloud services organizations. Apple appears to be itsfavorite target right now, as it builds out the data centers powering its iCloud operations.

Although Apple has committed to what has been described as thenations largest on-site commercial solar and fuel cell installation supporting its location in North Carolinathe company found itself the target of an unfavorable rating in the Greenpeace, How Clean Is Your Cloud? report out in mid-April. To be fair, Amazon and Microsoft didnt exactly make out all that well, but Greenpeace seems to have made Apple the focus of its activism on this matter.”

You can read the entire article here:Greenpeace provokes Apple on renewable energy stance.

And you can learn more about our campaign and send a message to the big tech CEO’s here: Apple relies on coal. Help them clean up their act.

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