Become a Greenpeace volunteer and join us in the fight for a greener future

All of us living on this planet are facing severe danger from two extremely serious and interconnected problems: the biodiversity crisis and the climate crisis. The biodiversity crisis with the continuing decline of fungi, plants and animal species can affect human health, food shortages, erosion of soil and deterioration of forests. The climate crisis is already affecting us through extreme weather, melting ice sheets and rising water levels. The problems we are facing are enormous BUT together we are strong and CAN make a difference. Together we can protect our future.  We are Greenpeace. You are Greenpeace. Join us today.

Why volunteer with Greenpeace? 

When we work together, we can change the world. We know this because volunteers have been changing the world with Greenpeace for over 50 years. Today, Greenpeace is the world’s largest independent environmental organisation with volunteers, staff and activities in more than 55 countries. As a volunteer at Greenpeace, you become part of this global movement and community, meet new friends and experience new adventures together, and your engagement will have an impact.  

Greenpeace offers a wide range of training and skill development opportunities for volunteers and activists. For those with adventure in their sights, we provide direct action, climbing, kayaking and boating training. For those wanting to spread awareness and engage others, social media, artivism, research, public speaking and lobby training are provided. 

Greenpeace volunteers make it possible for Greenpeace to expose problems, point to solutions and win campaigns. None of this would be possible without volunteers. 

Who volunteers with Greenpeace?

Greenpeace’s volunteer community is filled with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. What they have in common is that they have chosen to take a stand and fight for our only home, our beautiful planet Earth. 

There is only one condition: you must be 18 years old to volunteer with Greenpeace. But apart from that anyone is welcomed to join Greenpeace.

We’re committed to help with any practical or financial barriers that might stop you from being able to join us. Wherever possible, we’ll accommodate your access needs.  

More and more people are rising up! Join us, by becoming a Greenpeace volunteer today

Ways of volunteering

Within Greenpeace’s volunteer community we have different teams who work with specific areas to make an even greater impact. Everyone is welcome to join these teams; no previous background knowledge or expertise is required. The team members build skills and expertise together through activities, skillshares and training.  

Here, you can read more about the different volunteer teams: 

Artivism team

Artivism is using art for activism. Greenpeace’s volunteer artivism team uses art to expose polluters and draw attention to the big problems we are facing. The team reaches and engages people through beautiful art installations, interactive and exciting street stands or cool props for climate marches or protests. 

Greenspeakers team

The Greenspeakers team create awareness and engage people to take action through public speaking. Through offline and online talks and presentations, as well as tours about specific campaigns, the team inspires audiences to get active for nature and our climate. Learn more about it here.

Lobby team

Greenpeace’s volunteer lobby team pressures local and regional politicians and decision-makers through letter writing, emails, telephone calls and social media. They make sure that Greenpeace’s campaigns and the solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis are known to all relevant decision-makers.

Social media team

The volunteer social media team creates engaging videos and posts to reach new audiences, spread important messages and increase pressure on decision-makers. Together, they create content that makes people stop scrolling and take action. 

Research team

Volunteers in the research team work to undercover and expose climate and nature criminals. Using research in all forms, volunteers assist Greenpeace staff to gather evidence and point to the very best solutions for our planet. 

How do I become a volunteer?

Greenpeace volunteers are involved in many different types of activities: from research to organising demonstrations; from public speaking about Greenpeace campaigns to building beautiful ‘artivism’ installations or kayaking or climbing in a non-violent direct action. There are many opportunities to volunteer in a way and for the campaign you are most passionate about. 

Our earth can’t wait. It’s time we take action. We look forward to welcoming you!   

Become a Greenpeace activist!   

Many of our volunteers are also activists. Activism is a personal decision, which many choose because they can’t bear to sit by as our earth gets warmer, weather more extreme and millions of species disappear before our eyes. It can be a big decision to become an activist, but with courage, we take action together. 

Greenpeace activists are divided into kayak, boating, climbing and general activist teams. The team members are volunteers who train, practice, skillshare and work together to maintain and develop their skills to fight nature destruction.  Read more about what Civil Disobedience is here and sign up for our Introduction to Civil Disobedience course.

Greenpeace Community – learn about volunteering

Greenpeace Community is the primary communication channel of Greenpeace’s Nordic volunteers. We will inform you about upcoming events, trainings and other opportunities for volunteer activities there. The platform allows you to talk with volunteers and staff at both a local and Nordic level. Click below and get to know the Greenpeace Community and upcoming events.

Annual Nordic volunteer reports

See more about what Greenpeace volunteers have achieved over the years in our annual volunteer reports.

Frequently asked questions about volunteering with Greenpeace

How old do I have to be to volunteer with Greenpeace?

You must be 18 years old to volunteer with Greenpeace

What are some examples of things volunteers do?

Greenpeace volunteers are involved in many different types of activities: from research to organising demonstrations; from public speaking about Greenpeace campaigns to building beautiful ‘artivism’ installations or kayaking or climbing in a non-violent direct action. There are many opportunities to volunteer in a way and for the campaign you are most passionate about.

What if I don’t know enough?

Volunteering with Greenpeace is for everyone, no matter how well-educated one is on climate topics. The important thing is that one is eager to be involved and make a difference.

Can I be based/live anywhere and still join?

Yes, as long as you live in Sweden you can engage with Greenpeace as a volunteer.

How much time do I have to dedicate?

Some of our volunteers dedicate a few hours a year and some dedicate several hours per week, how much time you would like to dedicate is your choice. However, we do have expectations that volunteers fulfil agreed commitments.

Does it cost anything to be a volunteer with Greenpeace?

No, there’s no cost for volunteering with us. All training programs are free and Greenpeace covers all expenses for volunteers during training and activities, such as travels, food, accommodation etc.