Choose your side in the struggle for the Arctic

Side - 14 juni, 2013
The Arctic sea ice is melting rapidly. This alarming indication of climate change is a warning sign, not a business opportunity to extract even more oil and gas from this fragile region.

The world can only afford to burn less than 1/3 of the fossil fuel resources that has already been found. It makes no sense to look for more, especially not in the fragile Arctic. There are no ways to clean oil out of ice.

As a highly skilled potential employee who is considering working in the energy sector, my preference is a challenging and sustainable job in the renewable energy economy. The employer I will choose has a credible environmental profile and a long term strategic vision which takes into account the need to move away from fossil fuels. As a consequence, I hereby pledge not to accept job offers from any oil and gas company involved in high risk Arctic environments, currently including Shell, Statoil, Rosneft and Exxon among others.

Sign your Arctic pledge here!

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