Volunteer with Greenpeace

Side - 17 mars, 2014
Volunteers are the hands, heart and soul of Greenpeace. 
Around the world, people from all walks of life come together to spend their free time fighting for the environment. The passion, enthusiasm and integrity of the volunteers make them invaluable.

In the Nordic

Greenpeace Nordic works together with 500 volunteers in 15 local groups all over Nordic. The volunteer community is an essential part in ensuring that Greenpeace Nordic is an organization that works actively and visibly for change. As a volunteer in Greenpeace, you can be involved in everything from public outreach in the streets and at festivals, to research and logistics support, or taking part in demonstrations and direct actions.


Greenpeace Norway has one active local group that has its base in Oslo. The group holds meetings every other week to plan, prepare and stay up to date about activities and issues. 
All meetings/trainings are held in English.

Remote Volunteering Network

You do not have to attend meetings in person to get involved with Greenpeace. You can get engaged in our Remote Volunteering Network if you live outside Oslo. The Remote Volunteering Network is a group of people linked to Greenpeace Norway mainly through internet.

As a remote volunteer you can join monthly meetings via Skype to get the latest updates on activities in Norway.

Being a part of the Greenpeace Volunteer Network will give you the opportunity to make your voice heard and have an active role in working for a more sustainable and peaceful future.

Want to know more?

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//The Greenpeace Nordic Volunteer Unit.