Take a selfie for the Arctic

Side - 10 juli, 2014
Say no to Arctic oil by taking a selfie on Instagram and facebook with one of theese Arcti animals.

Exxon is going to drill the most extreme Arctic drilling ever in the Russian Arctic. The Arctic is one of the last pristine places on Earth and it needs our protection. Take a selfie on Instagram and tag it with #SaveTheArctic and #NoArcticOil to show your support.

We want to collect all the selfies we can find on Instagram that is tagged with #NoArcticOil and deliver it to Exxon.

Choose one or more of these animals and take your own selfie to tell the oil companies to stay away form the pristine and fragile Arctic.


Click one of the images beneath to download  a poster of you favourite Arctic animal.

Rødrev selfieHvalros selfiePolarrev selfieSnøugle selfieSel selfielundefugl selfieisbjørn selfierevunge selfie