Act locally, make change globally: Help end the sale of illegal whale meat in Japan

by Casson Trenor

March 10, 2011

take action to save the whales

Every year, the Japanese whaling fleet makes its annual journey to the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary with the intent of slaughtering over a thousand whales in the name of “research.”

The vast majority of this whale meat ends up in a number of Japanese grocery stores and restaurants.

Even though the popularity of eating whale meat is rapidly declining in Japan, many major retailers still stock the shelves with it.

It’s illegal to sell whale meat in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped one company known to support the whale slaughter from trying to push its way into the US market.

FamilyMart, a Japanese convenience store chain, sells whale meat in Japan.

What many people don’t know is that this company also has locations in the United States under the name “Famima!!” In fact, the word Famima is a portmanteau, made by combining parts of “family” (fami-) and “mart” (-ma).

Famima!! stores are distributed around the Los Angeles area. So far, they have ten locations, but have announced plans to expand to an even greater number.

Certainly there isn’t any whale for sale at Famima!! locations (it’s illegal to sell whale products in the United States), but do we really want to spend our money at a store that profits off illegal whaling? Absolutely not!

FamilyMart must cease their support for the whale slaughter by removing all whale products from their stores in Japan.

The company must cease supporting the illegal and immoral ongoing whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, undertaken on an annual basis by the Japanese whaling fleet.

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