Biggest Fish: Is This Corporate Giant the Key to Saving the Ocean?

by Chris Eaton

April 17, 2016

Thai Union Group -- the owner of Chicken of the Sea canned tuna -- is an industrial monster that has sunk its hooks throughout global seafood markets. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking it on and changing the game for ocean life.

I love the ocean.

Nothing has made me feel more connected to life on this big blue planet than feeling its powerful, rolling waves, playing in tide pools full of small creatures, and witnessing whales, fish and seabirds migrating together far from shore.

Thai Union Group — the largest canned tuna company and one of the largest seafood companies in the world — is plundering that ocean. It’s operations cause the deaths of thousands of threatened creatures, like sharks and turtles. The industrial fleets that supply Thai Union devastate tuna populations and the ecosystems they are apart of. And Thai Union Group has been connected to terrible human rights abuses including slavery at sea.

Thai Union Group Is So Big It Impacts the Entire Ocean

This corporate monster has its hooks in everything. It owns major brand in the US, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Thailand. It’s starting to push into China and the Middle East. Its seafood ends up in cafeterias, grocery store tuna brands, and cat food.

We’re challenging Thai Union Group everywhere. Mars, the biggest pet food company on the planet, and owner of Whiskas, gets its seafood from Thai Union Group. Ask Mars prove that Whiskas is not feeding our cats bad tuna.

Thai Union Group buys and sells so much seafood that one scientific study says it has the “ability to shape ecosystems.” By enabling shark finning and significantly contributing to the declining tuna populations — some of Earth’s great migratory species — it impacts the entire ocean.

Changing Thai Union Group Could Change The Entire Sea Food Industry

More than 300,000 people around the world have already demanded Thai Union Group and its brands commit to more sustainable fishing and eliminating human rights abuse and worker exploitation from their supply chain.

A commitment from Thai Union Group would impact the practices of the vessels it buys fish from, its competitors and even politicians. It’s so big it would change the entire seafood industry.

So we’re taking on the brands, supermarkets, food service providers, and cat foods that use Thai Union Group’s seafood. Together, we can ensure no part of Thai Union Group’s business is safe until it charts a clear course towards traceable, sustainable, and ethical seafood.

In the coming week, we’ll be challenging Thai Union Group in exciting new places. Stay tuned.

By Chris Eaton

Chris is the Senior Digital Campaigns Manager at Greenpeace USA. He's passionate about building movements and connecting change makers through digital storytelling. Follow him on Twitter at @chr15_eat0n.

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