Chicken of the Sea’s Commitment to PR Spin

by Casson Trenor

February 9, 2012

You may have heard about Chicken of the Sea’s “commitment to sustainability.” Unfortunately, that claim is nothing but expensive PR spin – as you can see here.

The simple truth is that Chicken of the Sea doesnt have a commitment to sustainability. Far from it.

Our campaign is about exposing Chicken of the Seas dirty little secrets to bring about real change on the water. Thanks to you, we have the companys attention.

But it still refuses to engage in a meaningful discussion with us about its fishing practices. The misinformation has to stop.

Let the CEO of Chicken of the Sea know that youre not fooled and that its time to stop wasting money on expensive PR and start a real dialogue with Greenpeace.

Chicken of the Sea talks a lot about protecting dolphins. And we agree. Dolphin-safe tuna was an important and necessary step when it was adopted (twenty years ago), but its not enough to combat contemporary challenges and actually has nothing to do with Greenpeaces current campaign.

What we ARE asking is that Chicken of the Sea stop using fish aggregating devices (FADs) and conventional longlines.

These two fishing practices together kill thousands of sharks, sea birds, sea turtles and other species every year and are responsible for putting populations of vulnerable tuna stocks at greater risk of extinction.

Chicken of the Sea also likes to talk about the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). The ISSF is an industry front group that refuses to discuss FAD fishing at all, which is why weve declined their invitations to join. We also dont think that the industry should be allowed to set the agenda when it comes to addressing urgent environmental issues.

Chicken of the Sea is going to have to address the real issues eventually. You can make sure they do it sooner rather than later. Let them know that youre not buying the PR spin and that its time to start a real dialogue with Greenpeace.

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