Giant Jellyfish Sinks Fishing Boat

by Michelle Frey

November 5, 2009

One of the weird consequences of overfishing is the very real possibility that jellyfish will replace the niche left by fish species. It makes for nice scary pieces of news, like this bit out of Japan. A ten-ton fishing boat was capsized after dozens of giant jellyfish were caught in their net. As the crew tried to haul the net onboard, the boat started to capsize and they were thrown into the sea.

The three men are safe. Thankfully, another trawler in the area was able to rescue them.

If we are about to be taken over by jellyfish, let’s try to look on the bright side. Maybe they taste good? Maybe they’re healthy for us to eat. I really can’t say, but perhaps we should be open-minded.

British cartoonist Steven Appleby tried to find a way we could cook jellyfish. And, at the rate our oceans are being overfished, you’ll want to watch this video, just to be sure you’re well-prepared.


If you really don’t want to see a world overrun by jellyfish, take action and sign our marine reserves petition.



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