It’s a whale fiesta!

by Meena Hussein

July 1, 2012

Whale Fiesta Panama City, Panama

Local Activists hold banner saying "Sanctuary Now!" in Spanish, before International Whaling Commission meetings begin next week. Greenpeace is asking for a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic.

Today, in a town called the City of Knowledge within Panama City, we had a whale fiesta. Locals came out from all over to join us in asking the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic.

I was overjoyed to see the number of people here who care about whales. All kinds of people, young and old, came out in support of whales and whale sanctuaries. There was an inflatable humpback whale, and everyone participated in a human aerial art image (aerial photos to come shortly, I will update this post when they are ready) to send a message in support of saving the whales.

You can check out more photos on flickr here.To join in the conversation, go to our IWC homepage, and take action now. Watch Phil Kline and Milko Schvartzman talk about the campaign.

Though it was a hot day, everyone was in bright spirits. There were musicians and a choreographer leading a group of people to play on makeshift drums. Children were excited and playing.

Once everything was ready, everyone came together to sit down and form the aerial image. The helicopter flew overhead and a photographer took video and photos of the art.

Sitting to form the aerial whale image. If you look into the distance you can see the locks of the Panama Canal.

After the aerial whale image was done, I overheard a father asking his 3-year-old daughter if she know why they were here. She said “We are here to save the whales.” Then he asked what everyone did just now. She said “We sat down to make a big whale and take a picture!” I was so happy to hear this little girl so up to speed on the issues!

Take action now to help make the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary a reality.

View from above - Panamanians ask for a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic.Jeff Pantukhoff/Spectral Q/Whaleman Foundation

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