Japan ‘Determined’ to Resume Commercial Whaling

by Phil Radford

December 13, 2011

Stop the whale slaughter

Gearing up to kill over 1,000 whales in internationally protected waters, Japans senior vice-minister announced that Japan is determined to continue the [whaling] program until it leads to the resumption of commercial whaling.

But we can help stop it by asking President Obama to fulfill his campaign promise to protect whales. We need the help of whale protectors like you to send 50,000 letters to President Obama this week.

Tell President Obama: Theres no more time to delay on your word. Stop the brutal slaughter of whales now.

It can take over an hour for a harpooned whale to be dragged until it dies. We cant let it continue.

Now, in light of Japans declaration that it intends to kill even more whales, President Obama must make good on his promise. As the President himself put it, “allowing Japan to continue commercial whaling is unacceptable.”

We need the President to act before another whale is killed and that means he needs to hear from you today. Thanks to your letters, the Obama administration has already taken important steps to save whales this year, standing up against vote-buying in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and imposing diplomatic sanctions on Iceland.

Starting today, the United States must help turn the IWC into a conservation body that protects whales, not whaling. The Administration needs to have bilateral talks with nations who are stalling reforms and work with other conservation-minded nations. Its time to take a stand.

Please remind President Obama of his promise and ask him to save the whales.

Weve made remarkable strides to save whales this year, and were not going to slide backward now and let Japan resume commercial whaling. We can end this senseless practice once and for all, but we need to stand together and speak up.

Thank you for protecting whales and the planet.

Philip Radford

Executive Director

Greenpeace USA

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