Kroger sells more threatened marine species than any other grocery store

by James Mitchell

June 30, 2014

A turtle is caught in a fishnet trap. The Rainbow Warrior is in the Mediterranean for a three month expedition "Defending Our Mediterranean". Greenpeace is calling for the creation of marine reserves in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of a global network covering 40% of our seas and oceans.

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All across the country, were preparing for Independence Day picnics and backyard BBQs with friends and family. This means trips to our local supermarkets.

For shoppers at Kroger stores nationwide — their seafood purchases are likely linked to ocean destruction.

TellKroger to stop its damaging seafood policies that support destructive fishing & harm marine species.

Seafood at Kroger is sourced from some of the most destructive fisheries in the worldmany that rely on gruesome fishing methods that indiscriminately injure and kill other marine species, like sharks, turtles, and dolphins. These unintended victims — called bycatch — are just thrown back into the sea dead or dying.

Kroger has said that they are committed to seafood sustainability — even going as far to put a sustainability video online — but our independent research has shown the opposite. Kroger is the worst Red List offender out of the top 26 major grocery stores nationwide, selling 18 threatened Red List seafood species. Its inexcusable.

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Kroger is one of the largest grocery chains in North America and is growing every day. It already has more than 2,400 stores in 34 states. Kroger also operates nationwide under well-known banner brands like Dillons, Smiths, Food 4 Less, and Ralphs — and even the recently-purchased Harris Teeter.

Kroger is such a large seafood buyer that its leadership for our oceans could cause the entire industry to change. And rivals like Whole Foods and Safeway have already proven that sustainable policies that protect our oceans are not only good for marine life — its also smart business.

But for Kroger to reverse its path of ocean destruction, well need consumers like you to speak up.Urge Kroger to implement sustainable seafood purchasing policies, stop selling Red List seafood, and provide alternatives to destructively fished products.

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