Medieval Tuna Reloaded or Shark Vs. Mermaid Death Squad?

by Travis Nichols

February 19, 2013

We all know the conventional tuna industry is terrible. Its cartoon-bad, video-game-villain-evil, worse than Wario, King Hippo, Dark Link, Sub-Zero, Gannon, Mother Brain, or Bowser. The companies that rip up our oceans for profit terrorize sea life like Clyde, Blinky, Inky, and Pinky terrorize Pac-Man, relentlessly chasing our heroes through tougher and tougher mazes until —–.

Out in the ocean, its samesies with the worst of the tuna industry. Chicken of the Sea, Bumblebee, and Starkist single-mindedly pursue profit while killing countless sharks, sea turtles, and manta rays just so they can stuff as much cheap tuna in their cans as possible.

Sadly for the ocean, theres no restart button.

While what this industry does in the far-off ocean seems remote to most of us, we all know what it feels like to be chased around by Pac Man ghosts (NOT GOOD!), which is why Greenpeace has created a Pac Man style video game to help illustrate just what the tuna industry is up to out there on the high seas. In our game, you can help the baby shark, sea turtle, or manta ray escape from the supermarket tuna aisles of death before they get hunted down by the tuna industrys mercenaries.

In Pac Man, the ghosts pursue you through more and more difficult mazes. In our game, Starkist, Chicken of the Sea, and Bumblebee chase you through supermarket aisles as you attempt to free the tuna with only a few sustainable safe aisles to project you. After you work through the relatively safe havens of Safeway and Whole Foods, things are going to get more dangerous. By the time you reach Publix, you will be swimming for your life.

Weve been developing the game for months now, and were incredibly excited to share it with you. But weve run into a problem. The game is so much fun we forgot to name it!

So now we need your help! Vote here, or on Facebook for your favorite name, and help us launch this game out into the world to help save our oceans from the tuna industry destruction.

Are you ready player one?

We Need Your Voice. Join Us!

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