On watch aboard the Esperanza

by Mike Gaworecki

October 8, 2009

As I sat on the bridge one day doing my regular watch duty, I pulled out my trusty digital camcorder and shot this quick pan across the bridge windows. This is pretty much what I spend two hours a day doing — staring out at the open sea, looking for other vessels, FADs, long-line beacons, whales, dolphins, or anything else there might be to see.

Sadly, I have never seen anything of much interest on any of my watches (aside from the occasional flying fish or seabird, that is). But one morning I did see some sperm whales spouting way in the distance — our wake-up call went something like this: "Good morning! It’s 7:30, and there are whales off the bow!"

I didn’t get to go out there and swim with the whales, but our photographer did:

Sperm whale copyright Greenpeace/Hilton

Sperm whale 2 copyright Greenpeace/Hilton
Images © Paul Hilton/Greenpeace

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