Stop Stalling Trader Joe’s!

by Michelle Frey

November 2, 2009

We’ve been pressuring Trader Joe’s to adopt sustainable seafood purchasing policies throughout all of their stores—for months. But, they still haven’t changed their ways.

Store managers and corporate big-wigs have felt the heat from Greenpeace’s mock website, relentless phone calls from supporters, poignant karaoke songs from shoppers and in-store demonstrations across the country.

Have they been ignoring the public’s cries for ocean protection? Or are they simply unwilling to tell the truth about their actions to their consumers?

Whatever the reason for their complete lack of responsibility, it’s high-time to turn up the heat, once again. Ocean conservation is too important to ignore!

Please, take action today! Tell Merchandising V.P., Matt Sloan, to clear up the story for Trader Joe’s with this simple message: "We’re still waiting for Trader Joe’s sustainable seafood policy!"

We will continue to demand sustainable seafood until Trader Joe’s makes that a reality. 



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