The end is near… for commercial whaling

by Michelle Frey

November 12, 2009

We’ve all seen the horrific images of whaling. The harpoons. The sea turning red. It’s a terrible vision and hopefully it may be a vision we won’t have to see much longer!

We’ve just heard a bit of good news out of Japan. A major review of Japanese government spending could spell the end to whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

The review committee, commissioned to cut wasteful programs by Japan’s new government, has proposed massive cuts in subsidies to a body which funds the so-called whaling research program.  


Without government subsidies, the whaling program would be doomed.

The Spending Review Committee recommended that the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Fund (OFCF), which gives loans to the Institute for Cetacean Research (ICR) to run the discredited science program, have all of its funding revoked, except money needed for loans in 2010.

The OFCF claims it needs $780 million for various programs, including whaling, in 2010. The Review Committee and Cabinet Office will determine by early next year if the proposed operations for 2010 are actually "necessary" or should also be cut.

Soon, President Obama will be in Japan meeting with the new Prime Minister. Perhaps, President Obama could bring up whale conservation in their discussions. Take action and tell the President that whales are important to save.

We’re keeping our fins crossed that once, and for all, Japan will hang up their harpoons and leave the whales alone.




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