Whales all over Panama City

by Meena Hussein

July 4, 2012

Greenpeace USA Oceans Campaigner Phil Kline with one of the many whale billboards around the city.

I’m happy to say there are whales everywhere in Panama City! In preparation for the IWC meeting, Greenpeace teamed up with NOAA and local NGOs to place billboards of whales everywhere. You can’t miss these billboards right now — everywhere you turn you see one.

Over the weekend we took a walk along the Cinta Costera, which is a boardwalk near the ocean. Every billboard along this boardwalk is about whales. We pulled out our banner and had a little fun, check out the photos below.

Greenpeace International Campaigner Milko Schvartzman next to a billboard about whale slaughter.

The banner on this walk over says "Route of Giants" in Spanish, describing the oceans around Panama as a part the long migration journey whales make every year.

Standing next to another billboard with our banner.

It was donations from supporters in the U.S. that made this happen, so on behalf of the campaign team I’d like to say thank you. It’s amazing to see all of the support garnered here for whales. From cab drivers to representatives from all over the world – everyone knows all about these gentle giants here in Panama.

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