SHELL to the Arctic: “Valentine’s Day is for saying ‘We love you'”

by Cassady Sharp

February 13, 2013

If there's ever been a more appropriate day to say you're sorry with a bouquet of roses, it's today. Stores are near sold out of chocolate hearts, red roses and teddy bears this time of year, and we're hearing a particularly interesting Valentine's Day message from everyone's favorite oil company. Shell Oil, infamous for such recent hijinks as losing their oil rig and failing federal safety inspections, has released a statement regarding our favorite icy and endangered place, the Arctic.
We should have known better than to treat the Arctic like we did. A critical and precious place, the Arctic should be preserved like the beautiful treasure that it is. Not only does it regulate our climate and cool down the planet, it's home to amazing wildlife including the Arctic fox, polar bears and the majestic narwhal. It' s become clear that we're no match for the Arctic. All we can say is that we're sorry, and we LOVE the Arctic.
While we're fantasizing about Shell's declaration of love, we can continue to pressure them and convince them to stay out the Arctic. Take action today! And we love the Arctic too.
Cassady Sharp

By Cassady Sharp

Cassady is a media officer at Greenpeace USA covering the Arctic, climate change and corporate influence over politics.

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