Three Tips for Sourcing Sustainable Seafood This 4th of July

by Christina Dawn Morgan

July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, America! Its the big 238!

Exciting, and particularly great for all of us getting a little extra time off work to relax and enjoy the summer this weekend. YES!

Now, within all of the fantastic festivities like fireworks and pool parties going on this holiday, theres bound to be some good grub, too. If youre not one of those vegans out there (e.g., me) who will be enjoying radish sprouts and kimchee this 4th of July, then you may be out to grill some yummy fish instead. If so, then do we ever have the resources for you!

Check out these three fresh catches in your quest for sustainable seafood this 4th (and throughout 2014):

(1) Have you ever wondered how sustainable your seafood purchases are right now? Well, take the challenge at Greenpeaces Sustainable Seafood Consumer Hub right now to find out! It just takes a few seconds (5 questions in there, folks), but can put you well on your way to understanding the impact of your current seafood shopping on our global oceans, and point you in some great directions for boosting sustainability in your purchases from now on.

(2) Here is Greenpeaces 2014 Carting Away The Oceans (CATO) Report. Short version: It ranks 26 of the nations leading supermarkets in terms of their sustainability in seafood. It will tell you the most ocean-responsible stores to purchase your seafood from this 4th. As a sneak peak, the four top stores to buy seafood from this 4th of July are:

Whole Foods



Trader Joes

(2.5) If youre fascinated by the full findings of the CATO report, but are looking for something a bit more user-friendly, e.g., portable, in your shopping, then Download (the) Stores Scorecard. It gives you a concise list of the scores of all 26 grocery chains evaluated showing you the Good (particularly sustainable), Passing, and Failing among them, so that you can choose your stores accordingly.

(3) After a list of 2.5 what to-dos, I shall give you a do not do. Do not buy these fish! These species have been Red Listed by Greenpeace due to strong concerns regarding overfishing and the environmental harms caused by their catches. This list flags species that grocery stores should not be carrying any way, and, thus, that one on a quest for sustainable seafood should not buy. There are explanations provided for each species listing @ a toggle, and you can filter by your state of residence.

I hope that these help, folks! A Happy 4th of July to you, seafood or sunflower seeds!

And tell Kroger to stop selling endangered fish!

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