Greenpeace delivers giant tuna can to Chicken of the Sea

by Elise Nabors

December 23, 2011

Yesterday in La Jolla, California Greenpeace activists paid another visit to the Chicken of the Sea Headquarters. To highlight the massive impact of their destructive fishing practices, activists delivered an equally large tuna can.

Chicken of the Sea is a subsidiary of Thai Union Group, one of the largest tuna producers in the world, and uses several destructive fishing practices in their plunder for tuna, one of the last remaining wild foods. Methods like FADs, longlines and fishing in high seas pockets are sending many species to the brink of extinction.

If companies like Chicken of the Sea dont change the way theyre fishing for tuna, we will lose the ocean ecosystems they depend on and scarcity will cause the price to skyrocket.

And what was inside this giant can of tuna? .over 2,000 photo petitions from concerned consumers across the country.

More and more people are becoming aware of Chicken of the Seas destructive methods and urging them to change their ways. Folks like moms, high school students, consumers, environmentalists and canned tuna enthusiasts want to see change for our oceans and want companies like Chicken of the Sea to adopt sustainable methods; because they know there are better ways to fish for tuna.

Chicken of the Sea, its time to stop ripping up the sea!

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