Why is Greenpeace talking about Lego?

by Tyler Sanville

July 7, 2014

Shell is usingLegoto build a happy, carefree image, but behind the scenes it is mobilizing giant oil rigs to drill in the Arctic — putting the lives of polar bears, beluga whales, and more at risk of deadly oil spills.

Legois loved by children everywhere. Shamefully, Shell, with plans to drill in the Arctic this year, is using Legos goodwill by partnering up with the beloved toy company.

Not only is the Arctic critical to regulating global climate. this remote habitat is home to unique and beautiful animals like polar bears, narwhals, and beluga whales. Just one misstep by Shell, and they had many with their 2013 drilling attempt, could doom all of them to a disastrous oil spill.

Legowouldnt put an oil spill in its Arctic Play Set — so why should it give Shell its support?

Dont let Shell sneak its way into our childrens toyboxes.Ask Legoto stop its partnership with Shell TODAY.

Children dont want to see beloved polar bears drowning in oil, and I dont think Legodoes either. Tell it that Arctic destruction is not a game.

By allowing Shell to nestle itself into our childrens toyboxes, Lego is legitimizingthe destruction of the Arctic to children and families.

Activists and supporters around the worldhave helped delay Shells plans in the Arctic and opened up the publics eyes to their dirty plans. Shell is desperately trying to rebuild its reputation by partnering with beloved brands like Lego.

We know Legowants to do best for children and the environment. With your voice speaking up for the Arctic, we can kick Shell out of our childrens playrooms — and move one step forward to kicking Shell out of the Arctic.

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