In just one day – 12,000 people flood Costco CEO’s email box

by Michelle Frey

January 7, 2011

Costco conveyor belt

Jim Sinegal, Costco’s CEO, is getting more emails than he ever thought possible.

In just one day, 12,000 people sent emails to the bulk-store giant asking the company to protect the oceans, not their image. It’s clear we all want to see Costco improve the seafood policies—so far, in total, almost 100,000 emails have been sent to Costco on the ocean’s behalf.

Our request to Costco is simple: implement a permanent sustainable seafood policy and stop selling red list seafood such as Chilean sea bass or orange roughy.

As one of North America’s largest seafood retailers, Costco has the power to make a significant difference and to help heal our oceans. But they have to change their ways first.

No loopholes, no excuses.

We know they can do it. Since we launched our first Carting Away the Oceans seafood scorecard over three years ago, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in the seafood purchasing practices of the supermarket industry.

Last year, we helped Trader Joe’s become a leader by implementing a real sustainable seafood policy. We know this works and we know what’s possible. Costco is no different.

Please help us keep the pressure up on Costco by sending a message to their CEO today.

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