My Greenwashing Continues…

by Traitor Joe

July 31, 2009

Traitor Joe, here! It looks like you Greenpeace activists and Trader Joe’s shoppers just won’t quit, eh? You’re relentless — calling stores and demanding sustainable seafood. When you’re out shopping you question store managers and that really make them feel the heat.

Well, I’ve been dubious lately. To throw you land-lovers off my trail for a while, I have resorted to telling more lies and being less transparent. How’s that for customer service. Ha, ha ha.

You see, within a week of receiving feedback from "bleeding hearts like yerself," Trader Joe’s announced that they would consider recommendations published by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in their seafood sourcing decisions. 

But, that was all a bunch of hooey, just something our marketing department came up with, I think. So, Trader Joe’s backpedaled immediately afterward, stating that they may continue selling red list species.

Really, they don’t have an agreement or partnership with the Aquarium on sustainable seafood.

Check out some of these dumb questions from ocean lovers and shoppers. They are trying to find out the truth, but I’ll keep throwing them off my trail with all of the sneaky tools I have in my fishing nets.

Insincerely yours,
Traitor Joe


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