Six Steps to Recovery

by Michelle Frey

June 10, 2010

Join us as we take an insider look at leading supermarkets to see how they’re coping with their status as ocean destroyers. Will their support group help them realize they have a problem and begin to make improvements? Or, will they spiral further towards the bottom of the barrel? In the latest edition of Ocean Destroyers Anonymous, the group focuses on the ‘Six Steps to Recovery.’ Trader Joe’s attempts to mentor Costco and Meijer reveals a secret ’embrace.’

Recent scientific studies have shown that 90 percent of the world’s top predatory fish have disappeared, and that unless current fishing practices change, global fish stocks will collapse by the middle of this century. Supermarkets ring up nearly $16 billion in seafood sales every year, and much of it is caught or raised unsustainably. Supermarkets have a responsibility to their customers and the environment to avoid trading in seafood from destructive fisheries and fish farms.

By encouraging supermarkets to keep red listed seafood off the shelves, the oceans can become healthier and more robust.

We deserve to purchase seafood from supermarkets that care about the condition of our oceans. The days of selling fish with no regard for the environment are over. As a consumer, you can help support seafood sustainability and ocean protection. Flex your power as a consumer. Tell the largest U.S. supermarket retailers to adopt sustainable seafood policies, stop selling destructively fished seafood, and provide informative labeling so customers, like us, can choose the most sustainable seafood and avoid the most imperiled fish.

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