Turn the Rigs Around: Your Chance to Say #ShellNo This Weekend

by April Glaser

July 14, 2015

July 18, 2015 will be a national day of action to send Shell a loud, clear message: we will not let you drill in the Arctic. Here's how you can participate.

People Versus Shell

Greenpeace activists display a 'People vs Shell' banner near Shell's Polar Pioneer drilling rig.

© Greenpeace / Tim Aubry

If you’ve been following the movement to save the Arctic lately, then you already know that we don’t have much time left to stop one of the largest environmental threats facing our planet to date. Oil giant Shell is on its way north to the icy regions of the Alaskan Arctic to drill for oil, and it’s up to us to stand in the way.

If Shell is able to get its drills in the ground, it’s likely only a matter of time before a catastrophic oil spill that would wreck this fragile ecosystem—all while paving the way for more extreme weather and catastrophic climate change worldwide.

The Obama administration is responsible for allowing Shell to embark on this fool’s journey, but there’s still time for the president to change his mind. That’s why we’re fighting back, and we’re not going to stop until Shell abandons its plans to drill in the Arctic.

Join the #ShellNo Day of Action

To keep the pressure on, Greenpeace is joining activists across the U.S. this Saturday, July 18 to make sure both President Obama and Shell can hear us loud and clear: our planet is too precious to be exploited for oil company profits.

This summer, more than 500 kayaktivists in Seattle took to the water to confront Shell’s rig. Kayaks have become a powerful symbol of our resistance to Arctic drilling and fossil fuels, so we’re asking you to use that imagery in your community to demonstrate that Shell isn’t going to float north without a fight.

How You Can Get Involved

If you haven’t already, this is a great time to join Greenwire, an online hub for activists and organizers mobilizing to protect the planet from threats like Arctic drilling. You’ll find great organizing tips and resources, and can link up with other environmental defenders across the country.
Whether it’s you, your family, or a group from your community, the more voices speaking up and taking action, the stronger our movement becomes. Here’s what you can do:

  • Organize an event on July 18, 2015—it’s a coordinated day of action with other environmental groups put together by OurArcticOcean.org.
  • Create a Greenwire event by clicking here and a also create Facebook event.
  • Invite people to join you. If it’s only you or a small crew, that’s wonderful, too. Every voice matters!
  • Make some signs (netting and floatable objects make great signs for this) or download the sign from OurArcticOcean.org.
  • And of course, don’t forget to have a great time, take photos, and share them using the hashtag #ShellNo.

Together, we will put an end to oil drilling in the Arctic. We invite you to take action with us on July 18 and get involved in organizing to defend against oil companies vying to destroy the planet.

So join us, tell your friends, and stay tuned. It’s our future, and we’re going to fight (or float!) to protect it.

April Glaser

By April Glaser

April is a mobilization specialist for Greenpeace USA's online team, focusing on the Arctic campaign. Prior to Greenpeace, April was an organizer at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where she worked on a wide range of digital rights issues; her writing has appeared in Slate and Wired, to name a few.

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