Young filmmaker inspires us to protect the oceans

by Marcos Davalos

May 25, 2012

As a video producer for Greenpeace’s oceans campaign, I enjoy finding new and creative ways that visually bring the oceans into people’s homes. Oftentimes, I am inspired when other filmmakers and artists take up this challenge as well, and when my colleague John Hocevar forwarded me this video produced by a young filmmaker named Noah Goldstein, I was inspired to share it with the Greenpeace family. Take a look at his PSA here:

Noahs video reminded me of Greenpeace’s Defending Our Oceans expedition, which traveled throughout the Pacific in 2006, highlighting the effect that plastic and trash have on marine life. Here is a picture we took of the trash that washes up on the shores of Hawaii during our expedition:

Thank you Noah for your inspiring video. The oceans feel a bit closer to home because of it.

P.S. You may have noticed that Noah used a plastic bag from Safeway for his PSA. Safeway recently ranked #1 on Greenpeaces Carting Away the Oceans Report for supporting policies that help protect the health of our oceans.If you want to see the positive work that Safeway is doing to help protect the world’s oceans, I recommend you visit and check out our report.

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