Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

by Haley Rabic

February 12, 2015

Two polar bears on the ice in Hudson Bay. Mother with a young. Eisbaeren (Ursus Maritimus) auf dem Eis in der Hudson Bay. Mutter mit Jungtier.

© Bernd Roemmelt / Greenpeace

Whether you love Valentines Day and cant wait for your romantic evening out, or you loathe the holiday and would rather eat a pint of ice cream with a sappy movie marathon, face it’tis the season.

To celebrate we’ve put together a collection of photos oflove in the wild. Love in the Arctic, actually.

You might want to put your ice cream away, because these photos are sure to make your heart melt (and maybe everything around you too).


1. Two fur seal pups show us that sometimes we just need someone to lean on when were not stronga friend to help us carry on.

Fur Seals on South GeorgiaFellrobben


2.A polar bear cub uses her mom as a pillow inHudson Bay, Canada.

Polar BearsEisbaeren


3. Two young Arctic foxes squabble in Norway. Even animals bicker with their siblings. That doesn’t mean we don’t love them any less though!

Arctic Fox and Bird Documentation (Norway : 1993)


4.Two puffins gaze into each others eyes before heading out to do some fishing.



5. A group of musk oxen huddle for warmth in the Alaskan tundra.Arctic winters make finding a BFF easy.

Musk OxMoschusochsen


Whatever your plans are, enjoy your Valentines Day and take special note of all the love in the wild around you!

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