Nature Moment: Walruses on a Beach (Video)

by Mitchell Wenkus

February 9, 2015

An adult male walrus rolling on a beach off the west coast of Svalbard. As climate change causes the Arctic sea ice to recede, Greenpeace has sailed north of Svalbard, to survey the poorly understood Arctic Ocean seabed and to observe and record on the surface the diverse wildlife that has adapted to survive in this unique and harsh environment.

© Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace

A bunch of walruses lounge on a beach and make grunting noises. Sounds like my weekend except my beach was a couch.

At the end of last year, one of my colleagues said in passing, “Wouldn’t it be nice to start the week off with a pretty and relaxing video?”

I’m happy to announce the premier of the Nature Moment series. We’re releasing a short video a week with the goal of bringing you a moment of peace. I hope you enjoy the video. And don’t forget to share it with a friend who has a walrus stache.



Keep Calm and Walrus On

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