DN is reporting that Merbau, a tropical wood species that is becoming popular as furniture and construction material in Sweden may cause allergic reactions.


This is the same Merbau that is logged illegally in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Logged by companies that steal the forest from traditional users, do not hesitate to use slave labour, force local women into prostitution, bribe local governments, destroy the land, water and forests. So that we can have our wooden floors with its reach reddish brown glow (“looks wonderful with the new raw-stone wood stove, dotn you think so Marge? So noble, yet rustic at the same time…”).

Land theft, forest destruction, illegal logging – that’s no reason for us in Europe to be upset or involved. Oh no – free for all import, that’s what our government says.


But WHAT? It may cause little Kalle to sneeze if he breathes in dust from the newly sanded floor?! What is the government doing!? Don’t they care?

- Dima