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The Expanding Soybean Frontier

Dokument | 15 november, 2005 på 0:00

Within the last 10 years, Argentina’s agricultural production system has become dominated by one crop: the genetically engineered Roundup Ready soybean developed by US agrochemical company Monsanto. The large scale environmental, social, and...

Lawless: How Europe’s Borders Remain Open To Trade In Illegal Timber

Dokument | 19 oktober, 2005 på 0:00

A staggering 80 percent of the world’s ancient forests have already been destroyed or degraded and much of what remains is under threat from illegal and destructive logging. The Member States of the European Union (EU) play a key role in fuelling...

Energy Revolution: a sustainable pathway to a clean energy future for Europe

Dokument | 27 september, 2005 på 0:00

The Greenpeace energy revolution scenario: A sustainable pathway to a clean energy future for Europe Greenpeace and the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), have developed a blueprint for the EU energy...

Environmental and health concerns of genetically engineered (GE) crops in animal feed

Dokument | 15 september, 2005 på 0:00

There are many social and environmental issues surrounding animal feed. For example, the huge expansion of (genetically engineered) soy monoculture in Argentina has resulted in a sharp decline of traditional food crops such as maize and wheat and...

Recycling of electronic waste in India and China

Dokument | 18 augusti, 2005 på 0:00

Summary of an investigation in to workplace and environmental contamination in electronic waste recycling yards in India and China.

Brev till ministrarna: EU´s klimatkonferens på Grönland

Dokument | 16 augusti, 2005 på 0:00

Den 16 augusti inleds Grönlandsdialogen, ett informellt miljöministermöte om klimatfrågan. Mötet kommer att hållas i Ilulissat på Grönland, arrangeras av den danska regeringen tillsammans med det grönländska självstyret i Ilulissat och pågå...

A Present for Life

Dokument | 9 augusti, 2005 på 0:00

Hazardous chemicals that are used in everyday household products end up in the bodies of unborn children via the mother. This study, conducted for Greenpeace and WWFUK by TNO, analysed blood samples donated by a number of women and confirmed...

Substitute with Style - A toxic free sustainable lifestyle.

Dokument | 7 juli, 2005 på 0:00

Can we live a modern life free of toxic chemicals? Can businesses still compete if they eliminate hazardous substances from their brands? Many major companies have asked themselves these questions and concluded that a toxics-free future is the...

Invest in a Clean Energy Future

Dokument | 30 juni, 2005 på 0:00

Greenpeace exposes the EU’s dirty energy subsidies.

Windforce 12 2005

Dokument | 30 juni, 2005 på 0:00

Windforce 12 describes how 12 percent of the world's electricity can be supplied by wind and 11 billion tonnes of CO2 can be saved by 2020.

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