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Medie briefing Arctic

Dokument - 20 juni, 2012
Greenpeace is launching a campaign designed to bring millions of people together to push for action to save the Arctic. That means creating a global sanctuary in the area around the North Pole (the region some people call the High Arctic) and a ban on offshore oil drilling and industrial fishing in the wider Arctic region.

In the last century in Antarctica – at the other end of the Earth –  the mining industry was banned from operating there.Greenpeace is going campaigning for something similar at the top of the world – by making the uninhabited area around the North Pole off-limits to the polluters.

We’re asking people across the world to sign on to our Arctic scroll. Then we’ll take their name and a million others and plant them on the seabed beneath the North Pole, and we’ll mark the spot with a Flag for the Future designed by the youth of the world in a global competition.

Hollywood actors have joined forces with rock stars, environmentalists, polar explorers and business leaders to be the first to add their names to the scroll. They include nine Oscar winners, nine Golden Globe winners and four Grammy winners.

Arctic global campaign briefing