Neste Spoil Annual Report 2011

Erikoisartikkeli - maaliskuu 23, 2012
You have just visited the Neste Oil annual report improved by Greenpeace. Freedom of expression should also protect parody which copies the original work. site was edited because we do not want to concentrate our efforts in arguing with any third parties. We will continue our campaign to protect the forests of South East Asia from the destructive biofuels investments by Neste Oil.

Please reconsider before investing in Neste Oil or buying biodiesel or biokerosine manufactured from unsustainable sources. The core position of Neste Oil on indirect land use change of biofuels  (ILUC)  is that “Clearly it is not possible with any degree of accuracy to give a value for ILUC”  Read here how Neste Oil's arguments are highly controversial with contemporary, peer-reviewed, scientific evidence.

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There is another way forward, and it doesn’t require rainforest destruction.

In Energy [R]evolution scenario, an ambitious energy efficiency program along with massive development of renewable energy happen in parallel, so that by 2050, the global energy system is 95% powered by renewable energy. Energy will move towards a decentralised system using local renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal.

Here's how you can affect Neste Oil:

- Don't invest in rainforest destruction. 

- Don't buy biodiesel or biokerosine made from unsustainable resources.

- Send your opinion to Neste Oil

Thank you for your attention.

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