New problems in Olkiluoto


Julkaisu - huhtikuu 11, 2012
The first-of-a-kind EPR-type nuclear reactor that French nuclear company Areva is building in the Finnish municipality of Eurajoki has encountered serious problems during all phases of design and construction. Following the Fukushima nuclear accident, Areva as well as its Finnish client TVO have kept a low profile to avoid attention concerning the problems of the EPR project.

New problems in OlkiluotoThe ailing project has already caused the June 2011 dismissal of the long-time CEO of Areva, Anne Lauvergeon and the two companies are also engaged in legal battle over the extra costs of the project.

According to Finnish investor TVO, Areva increased its claim for damages to €1.9 billion in late June, to cover the skyrocketing cost of the project1, up from the one billion reported two years ago. Areva was supposed to deliver the reactor on turn-key terms, and to bear the responsibility for cost overruns.

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New problems in Olkiluoto